New! We now promote local businesses…

You can now advertise your business for just £10/year on the Metfield website. We will even design your ad for you.

We have a selection of B&Bs on our doorstep, plus a wonderful village shop, hairdressing, health practitioners, workshops, domestic and business storage, HGV repairs and much more. If you would like to advertise your business, get in touch by using the Contact Form at the foot of the Local Services page.

Where to shop
Metfield Stores
Fressingfield Stores
Where to stay

The Old Vicarage B&B
Queenie’s Cottage
Brick Kiln Cottage B&B
Meadowsweet Cottage
The Duke William B&B
Health, wellness and keeping fit
Style V
Rag rugs/quilting/patchwork
Yoga retreats
Storage & HGV repairs
Spindlers of Metfield
Equine, poultry and animal bedding

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