Volunteers and customers say…


People coming in are all enthusiastic about the community element of the shop, asking questions, saying, ‘Best of luck: we lost our shop and we miss it’.

Once you’ve served behind the counter, shopping for yourself isn’t the same – you notice things you’d never noticed before, not only the price but where it comes from. And you get a till-skill appreciation!

When you live outside the village, it’s stimulating to meet so many different people.

Everyone is so patient, realising that you are not an expert!

I haven’t been to a supermarket since the shop opened. 

I shop completely differently now. Instead of making a list of what I think I want, I go to the shop and see what’s there, said a local volunteer-cum-shopper.

Always a friendly smile from the lovely manager Sue! She brightens up my day!

I never thought I’d enjoy working in a shop so much!

It has been something of a life-saver for me since I’ve been on my own. Much nicer than going to a supermarket. And, if I’m having a bad day, they will even deliver to me. Life in Metfield would be very different if it weren’t for our shop.