Metfield Stores Board of Directors

Board Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month. All Metfield Stores’ Directors are volunteers and bring a range of expertise and experience to the Board. Five of the Directors currently volunteer in the shop as well as serving on the Board.

Board of Directors:
Linda Norris Chair
Caroline Miller Company Secretary
Margaret Cochrane
Peter Haynes
Amanda Illing
Christopher Osborne
Janet Rusted

Also attending Board Meetings:
Shop Manager Sue Mead

Other key posts:
Bookkeeper Wendy Abbott
Suma orders Miranda Mitchley

Responsibilities of the Board include:
Risk Assessment
HR: Staff and Volunteers
Publicity, PR and Volunteer Recruitment
Health and Safety
Repairs and Maintenance

Contacting the Board
To contact board members, please email

Minutes of meetings
At their September 2021 meeting, the Board voted to publish minutes of its meetings on this website. They will be posted after approval at the following board meeting.

Board Meetings 2021
Thurs 7 Oct
Thurs 4 Nov
Thurs 2 Dec

Board meetings 2022
Thurs 6 January
Thurs 3 February
Thurs 3 March
Thurs 7 April
Thurs 5 May
Thurs 6 June