Welcome to the new village website

We decided to launch the website even though it isn’t finished yet. But it is a big and timed-consuming exercise to fill in all the gaps, so we crave your patience while we continue.

Meanwhile, the aim was to try to bring together all the disparate parts and unite them under one umbrella – Metfield, the village. We wanted to show all that is good and pertinent to the village of Metfield and its residents, visitors and neighbours. We want you to get a flavour of what fills our days, the history of the place, the community spirit – in fact, everything that makes it run like a well-oiled machine.

Metfield is home to a good cross-section of experience, occupation, age, education, aspiration, talent. It is a caring micro society and we hope the website will help you to find your way around it and dip in and out of whatever takes your fancy.

Any errors? We apologise in advance. Any omissions? Quickly let us know via the Contact tab and we will try to put it right.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new village website

    • Totally agree but I am happy to report that the revenue from advertising should pay the hosting fees in future if people continue to advertise. We are grateful to all who have already supported us in this way.


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