Protecting our trees and footpaths

After more than 10 years of tireless effort to protect local trees and hedges and the extensive network of footpaths, Peter Cook is stepping down from his two warden roles and we’d like to extend our thanks to him for preserving those precious amenities.

Working alongside the PC, Peter built up relationships with local landowners and farmers and resolved problems with tact and perseverance.

Peter loves trees and hedges and enthusiastically took on the job of collecting information about local ancient and protected varieties some years back. He has put much effort into preventing their destruction so that they are preserved for future generations and wildlife, as well as ensuring they are safe.

At their July meeting, the Parish Council decided that there is no longer a need in Metfield for a Tree Warden or a Footpath Warden and that all reports on these matters would be better channelled through the PC. This is an extract from their July DRAFT Minutes:

The need for a Tree and Footpath warden was discussed. It was generally felt that local people were very good at reporting blocked paths and damaged signs, but Councillors would like these reports to go through the Clerk. 

An article will be written for Sixth Sense asking Metfield residents to report any problems to a Councillor or the Clerk who will pass it on the relevant department. 

Chair of the PC, Peter Mortimer, explained that, for the time being at least, PC members will be happy to receive all reports from residents and will do their best to resolve any issues. So please carry on the good work by reporting blocked paths and damaged signs or the suspected illegal cutting down of protected trees and hedges. Likewise if you know of any trees that you think should have protected status.

You can do this by getting in touch with any PC member or by completing the form below which will be forwarded to the PC.

Calling all dog walkers
Most dog walkers using our footpaths and lanes are careful to collect up their pet’s mess and take it home for disposal. Unfortunately, however, there is still a small number of dog walkers who chuck their ‘doggy bags’ in a ditch or hang them on a tree for all to see.

And, worse than that, there are still a few who allow their dogs to foul the pavements, footpaths, verges and lanes themselves – and leave it there for unsuspecting walkers to tread in. Seriously, folks, this isn’t on, is it? There are plenty of walkers without dogs, and people who walk into and out of the village at night, and lanes with no pavements so that walkers have to mount the verge. Please, please, spare a thought for everyone and take your dog mess home with you.