Calling all dog walkers

Treat the countryside as if it were your own garden
Happy to report that many dog walkers using local footpaths and lanes are careful to collect up their pet’s mess and take it home for disposal. And for that we are grateful.


It’s not a public dustbin
Unfortunately, however, a small number of dog walkers chuck their ‘doggy bags’ in a ditch or hang them on a tree for all to see, presumably because they can’t be bothered to take it home.

Others allow their dogs to foul the pavements, footpaths, verges and lanes – and then leave it there for unsuspecting walkers to tread in. Seriously, folks, this isn’t on, is it?

Just think how unpleasant that is for walkers without dogs, and people who use the paths and lanes to get into and out of our village by day and night.



Be a good neighbour! Spare a thought for everyone and take your dog mess home with you.

Thank you!


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