METFIELD Tales from a Suffolk Village 1928–2017

Remember Christine’s book? If you haven’t seen it yet or got your own copy, now’s your chance. Metfield Stores is selling them at £4.99. Full of photos and fascinating anecdotes, this book has been a huge success and much praised by readers.

It would make the perfect Christmas present or stocking filler at this amazing price (formerly £10/copy) but stocks will not last forever!

And, since Christine has donated the books to the shop, the proceeds from the sale of every copy you buy from the shop will go to the shop. So, why not buy a copy or two and support your village shop at the same time?

Christine Brennan book launch 2017. Photo © Jonathan Brinton.

One thought on “METFIELD Tales from a Suffolk Village 1928–2017

  1. Hi Linda,

    Great that Christine has donated books to shop, how many have we sold roughly? By the way, the website is looking really great and I think I may be behind with my advert fee. I have lately joined the 20th Century and can now do electronic banking. Let me know what I owe please? It is amazing value at that price. Taking a trip down memory lane I noticed an error in the Potted History of the shop:

    ‘But Rachel was leaving immediately to spend six months in India, so she gave Power of Attourney to two members of the core group to act on her behalf. At the time of the…’

    What actually happened was that she set up a company called Karmafield Ltd and insisted that I become her Company Secretary so that I was able to sign the purchase contract on her behalf as well as spending her money and “supervising” renovation on her behalf. This I did mostly with Gordon and Alan, with valuable input from Barry the Rug. Her £7,000 share holding was what was left unspent from her donated renovation money as some of what we spent came from overall donations. I realise this is unnecessarily detailed but there was no power of attorney involved and I don’t know of a second person with any legal role. As discussed and agreed with Rachel, Ann, Caroline and I went to the auction, Caroline raised her hand to make the bid and I signed the docs and did the legal stuff.

    Nit-picking as usual!

    You could say something like – so she entrusted Ann Wolfe, Caroline Biggins and Bridget Morley to act on her behalf.

    Many thanks,

    Bridget x



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