Julie Noad


Born in Essex in 1955, Julie moved to Suffolk in 1978 and has exhibited work all over East Anglia and in London galleries. 

As a child, drawing had always fascinated Julie. It enabled her to express herself with complete freedom and get to know the world around her.


At the age of 16, she left school and went to Thurrock College to study Art, which was then a two-year foundation course. It was an inspiring time – in the mid 1970s innovation and traditional approaches were taught alongside each other.

At Camberwell School of Art, London (1975–78), Julie felt very much at home and met students and tutors who had a lasting influence on her. Among these were Antony Eyton and Keith Grant. It was here that she gained a BA Hons in Fine Art.

Julie has lived in Metfield since 2001 and has latterly been using her creative skills working part-time as an art therapist, about which she is passionate.

Julie has exhibited regularly including at the NEAC, London, the SWA, London, the Chappel Galleries, Essex and the John Russell Gallery, Suffolk. She also has work in private collections in the UK, USA, Holland and France.

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Julie’s website tells you and shows you much more.