Jayne Ivimey

An East Anglian by birth, the Norfolk and Suffolk coast is deeply engrained in Jayne’s work. She has returned to the subject repeatedly over many years, in a quest to understand its geology, its ecosystems and its morphology. The works have slowly left the landscape behind as it becomes more vital to address the pressures on our wildlife and coast. Seven years in New Zealand working in bird conservation alerted her to the global problems in the bird world and this increasing awareness feeds her new work.

Jayne studied art history at the Sorbonne, then fine art at Wimbledon School of Art, a masters at NUCA (Norwich) and a teaching Diploma at Leicester University. She has lived in Withersdale Street, Homersfield, Norwich and New Zealand and is now in North Norfolk.

See Jayne’s own website jayneivimey.com.

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