Community orchard

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On a wet day in March 2012, helped by 15 volunteers from British Telecom, we had a fantastic day planting a Community Orchard at the bottom of the allotment site in Christmas Lane. Thanks to funding from the National Lottery, Suffolk Acre, the Alfred Williams Trust and Suffolk District Council Locality Fund, a wide selection of fruit trees, including many heritage varieties, was chosen with the help of Suffolk Traditional Orchard Group and Eddie Krutysza of Hattens Farm Nurseries. Traditional orchard fruits such as apple, plum, pear and greengage were supplemented by apricot, peach, almond, cherry and many more.

In addition, an ‘edible hedge’ was created from plants supplied by the Woodland Trust, including hazel and wild plum. The trees have become established since then year on year, despite attacks from the wildlife! To help combat this, teams of allotment holders regularly check the fencing and hedging and make repairs where necessary.

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Metfield Association of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (MAALG)
Community plot