Sue Mead, Manager at Metfield Stores

A potted history…

Sue is a busy person, as one would expect, but she took some time out to tell us a little about her previous experience and how she came to be in Metfield and manager of Metfield Stores.

I started my retail journey at 17 in my best friend’s father’s newsagents. I helped out by delivering lots of newspapers on rainy days when the paperboys failed to turn up.

Next, I went on to Birkenhead market where, over the years, I sold shirts, curtains and, finally, sweets and cigarettes for Arthur Kearney, a great family business, well known in both Liverpool and Birkenhead markets.

Then on to Birkenhead Kwiksave supermarket when it was all about ‘price memory’ – yes the price of everything they sold had to be in your head! Thank goodness it’s not like that today with my memory… Within 6 months I became a supervisor and soon moved on to the Liscard store, which I ran for some years.

My next adventure was a big move to the Isle of Wight, where my husband and I bought a deli/sandwich bar called The Scullery which we ran for over 10 years. It meant early mornings but was very rewarding. We then sold it to an employee and it’s still going strong with some of the same staff working there.

Finally, on to Spain, where I started another chapter. I went to work in The Red Lion – the oldest English bar in Torremolinos. I worked in the kitchen and bar for a season and then was asked to be manageress in The Cosy Nook, a restaurant on the seafront in La Carihuela, where I worked happily for many years until ?????