Middleton Farm Nurseries

Update 16 May 2020

Hi Everybody 

Mrs Hall and family would like to thank people in Metfield for supporting the plant nursery when forced to close. Now the business is able to open again, 10-4 daily, with a queuing system.

Mrs Hall tells me three sorts of courgette are available, and cucumbers will be ready in a week or so. However, there has been a rush to stock up, particularly for bedding plants, and there may be temporary shortages. 

Thank you for your orders, and thank you to Miles and James for collecting and distributing the plants over the last few weeks. 

Best wishes for a lovely summer!


Good news for gardeners!

Middleton Farm Nurseries is accepting orders for tray veg, herbs, tomato plants, bedding plants etc. – by telephone (01379 852294) or by email.

Remember to include in your email your full name, phone number and when you would like to collect. See link below for current availability and prices. This list is updated weekly.

Updated Monday 6 May 2020

Help is at hand for Metfield residents 
Margaret Preston is kindly collating a Metfield residents’ order list for those who need help with placing an order or are unable to collect purchases from Weybread themselves.

Please check the price list and availability using the link above before you phone Margaret (01379 588226) with your order as it is updated each week. She will explain what to do next.

A big THANK YOU to Margaret and her helpers for doing this!