Metfield Association of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (MAALG)

Formed in November 2008 MAALG now has 39 members. Membership is £5.25 per year and benefits to members include 40% off Kings seeds, 10% off plants from Hattens Farm Nurseries and affiliation to the National Allotment Society for advice, etc.

The broad aims of MAALG are to:

  • unite people with a common interest in gardening
  • organise social events, garden visits and workshops
  • raise money for projects identified by members
  • encourage more people to engage in an outdoor lifestyle
  • promote fresh, local produce.

The allotments also serve as an education resource for some local schools and our fundraising always includes donations to gardening-related charities.

Work on the allotments never stops. At various times of the year you will see lines of drying onions, serried ranks of potatoes, enormous pumpkins, wonderful vegetables and beautiful flowers – all in neat plots set among the communal grass areas which are kept in trim by one of our devoted volunteers. Fine fences, chicken wire, canes, netting, hoops, etc. are all employed in the production of vegetables and fruit. Some make their own compost, some even make tea in their sheds. And, if you get lonely, you can always talk to the chickens in the chicken cooperative.

We are uniquely lucky to have access to water on the site, from a borehole constructed by the Royal Engineers in 2008, funded by Adnams Brewery and Suffolk County Council. The Limbourne Trust helped us with funding towards the perimeter fencing.

To join MAALG (you don’t need to have an allotment), please fill in the form below.

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