People of Metfield! This is your blog page…

This blog will be an opportunity for the residents of Metfield to have a voice, to say what they think about things in general, things in particular and, most important, all the good things about living here.

We’d welcome contributions, however small, from anyone who is interested in Metfield, its history, how it ticks. Thinking of moving here? Ask questions about what it’s like, what there is to do. Are the villagers friendly? Come along to the Village Hall Bar on Friday or Saturday nights (you can also eat there) and meet some of the locals.

Pop in to Metfield Stores where you are bound to meet friendly locals who can answer your questions or just have a chat. You can buy a copy of METFIELD Tales From a Suffolk Village 1928–2017 (price £10.00) by Christine Brennan, local author and/or any of the other publications written by locals that are on sale there.

So please do write on this blog and tell us what’s going on, what you are thinking about and how we could improve this website.