Business Support Grants – application date looming!

We have been asked to make people aware of the following information regarding business support grants.

As you might be aware, we still have a number of business support grants available and open for applications. The most recent grants are for a significant amount of funding and could provide a real boost to our businesses are they get back on their feet as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Following a huge amount of outreach, we are receiving feedback from many businesses who do not realise they can claim this additional grant funding and I would ask that you share the details of the grants with any businesses who you think may be eligible so they don’t miss out. All businesses must reapply for these grants as there are currently no automatic payments and applications must be received by Sunday 13 June – as all current schemes close at the end of July.

An outline of the business support grants is below

Government Restart Grant
The Restart Grant scheme replaces the Local Restrictions Support Grant scheme and aims to support businesses registered for Business Rates that offer in-person services, where the main service and activity takes place in a fixed rate-paying premises, such as: Non-essential retail, Hospitality, Accommodation, Leisure, Personal care, Gym & Sport.

Discretionary Restart Grant
The Discretionary Restart Grant is open to businesses unable to access the Government Restart Grant, but who may have costs associated with reopening their business or to resume trading at pre-Covid levels following the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

Back to Business Grant
This grant is for businesses to support their recovery post covid by expanding or diversifying. There is a particular focus on businesses that will deliver a wider economic benefit to their local economy. The Back to Business Grant is up to £25,000 and we are asking businesses to submit their expression of interest in receiving this grant.

The Local Restriction Support Grant (closed) Addendum and Additional Restriction Grants are still open for businesses significantly financially impacted by the lockdown period from 16 February – 31 March, but applications must be submitted by 31 May 2021.

If you know of any businesses who might be eligible, please encourage to find out more by visiting our website: or contacting the ED team on or 01473 296444.

The Economy Team would appreciate any help you can provide in contacting businesses in your Ward either by personal approach or social media in order to make businesses aware that funding is available to support their Business Recovery.

Many thanks


Cllr. Gerard Brewster
Joint Member for (Stowmarket) Combs Ford Ward
Deputy Leader of Council
Cabinet Member for Economic Growth
Mid Suffolk District Council

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