Lovely winter walks at Wakelyns until the end of 2020!

David and Amanda (from the Wolfe family) invite people from the Fressingfield and Metfield areas to take their ‘lockdown exercise’ up to the end of 2020 walking around the fields at Wakelyns, at the end of Metfield Lane, between Fressingfield and Metfield, or through Mill Mount from the footpath off Hunters Lane. You can download the map below.

This is on a ‘permissive path’ basis as sketched out more fully in the permissive paths leaflet. You are welcome to walk on the headland which goes around each of our two agroforestry areas. This is a tester for a longer term permissive path arrangement.

Please respect our farm and our neighbours!


Key: Red routes are Wakelyns paths and yellow routes are Public Rights of Way.

There’s a whole lot happening at Wakelyns these days and you can read all about it by going to their website HERE.

You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram as @wakelyns.

Note: If you receive this blog via email, you will need to go to the Metfield Village website at in order to click on the links.

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