What’s wrong with a growing and baking frenzy?

sourdough    garlic    potatoes

There’s nothing wrong with trying things we haven’t done before. Of course, it was a bit frustrating for regular bread bakers when buying flour became almost impossible for a while. And there have been many derisory remarks in the press about the nation suddenly baking sourdough loaves. So frightfully middle class, don’t you know!

And what about all those people rushing to buy up all the seeds (many of which may never get sown, they say). But suppliers across the country have been working hard to get orders out as quickly as they can in difficult circumstances. For most, they’ve had to change working practices to protect their staff and comply with Covid-19 guidelines.

One such is our local supplier of all you need to ‘grow your own’ – Middleton Farm Nurseries – now offering a collect-only or limited delivery service. Details HERE.

Really, we shouldn’t complain. If we’re gardening and baking, we’ve likely got homes to live in and gardens or allotments to grow in. We are lucky. There are all sorts of kindly acts that can make a difference to those less fortunate and folk are pretty inventive when it comes to helping their friends and neighbours. Like Margaret and her team, compiling a weekly list of orders for plants etc from Metfield residents. Details HERE.

Making bread and growing veg and fruit are both activities that are beneficial to our mental and physical health. Both are imbued with hope and positivity. And we need plenty of that at the moment!

Happy baking and happy gardening to all!

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