Coronavirus (Covid-19) – please stay calm and follow advice

Information on this page has been taken from today’s BBC updates. Please check the public health websites and BBC website for daily updates. It is not the job of the village website to give advice but some people are panic-buying food and feeling frightened. So this is just a plea to remain calm.

We live in a caring village. If you need something or don’t understand what is going on, there are plenty of friends and neighbours who will be only too pleased to help. Do ask!

What are the symptoms?

What you can do

There are a number of small but very important things each of us can do to try and stay well. The BBC website has lots of information on the pandemic and this is updated daily.

Metfield Village Hall and Bar are now CLOSED for all events until further notice

Following government advice to help tackle the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Village Hall and Bar are now closed. All bookings at the hall have also been cancelled until further notice.

See links below for more info:
NHS health advice on the virus at Coronavirus Covid-19
Latest official public health information at Public Health Agency .

The UK is to shut schools from Friday – but they will still need to look after children of key workers and vulnerable children. Exams will not take place in May or June. See BBC website for more information and live updates.

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